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Magnetic Capping Headsets

Warner Electric Magnetic Capping Headsets

Featuring Smooth Torque magnetic technology to
provide the most consistent torque control on the market

Warner Electric magnetic headsets feature constant Smooth Torque Technology; differing with most competitor OEM headsets that have two opposing magnets causing pulsating torque. It’s the pounding effect of a pulsating clutch that increases cap tightness during the capping process.

Warner Electric’s Smooth Torque Technology enables Warner headsets to provide constant torque. This eliminates over tightened caps, causing a major reduction in variation of removal torque!

Smooth Torque Technology provides less shock on the system compared to pulsating torque headsets, enabling longer life of machine components, especially retention knives.

Warner vs. Competitor

Each data point is a measurement from one sample bottle from
competitive headsets running on the same machine.

Improve Operating Life and Increase Efficiency with Warner Magnetic Capping Headsets

Improve Production
Efficiency & Quality

  • Smooth Torque Technology enables Warner headsets to provide constant torque, eliminating over tightened caps and significantly reducing variation of removal torque.
  • Smooth Torque also provides less shock on the system, enabling longer life of machine components, especially chucks & retention knives.

Lower Costs and Quick Delivery of New Headsets, Chucks, & Knives

  • Competitive pricing on new units and quick deliveries ensure that you are receiving a quality product at a good value when you need it.

Fewer Scheduled Rebuilds with a 7000 Hour Maintenance Interval

  • Rebuilds don’t have to be done as frequently (~2X the life of competitive headsets!) saving you even more time and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Less Time to Set up and Rebuild

  • Reduced maintenance costs through a much simpler rebuild procedure. Faster to take apart and rebuild compared to major OEM competitive headsets (approximately 1/2 the time to rebuild).
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