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Magnetic Capping Headset Rebuild Procedures and Options

Rebuild Procedures and Options

Warner Electric offers many rebuild options to meet the requirements of your specific plant. Whether you are looking for rebuild kits, on-site service, or a maintenance contract, Warner Electric is here to meet your needs.

Magnetic Headset Rebuild Kits:

Customers can purchase affordable rebuild kits to rebuild the magnetic headsets themselves. It is recommended that you keep both bearing and magnet kits on hand in order to reduce maintenance downtime.

Factory Rebuild Program:

End-users can ship their headsets back to Warner Electric for a full factory rebuild and certification. Customers can ship their headsets back to Warner Electric for a full factory rebuild and certification. Upon receipt, Warner Electric will rebuild and factory certify the headsets. All worn components will be replaced and a dynamic torque test will be performed. Typical turnaround for this service is 1-2 weeks.

Headset Exchange Program (Two Year Agreement):

Once you own Warner Electric headsets, you have the option of signing up for a Warner Electric Headset Exchange Program for rebuilt headsets. In this case, customers receive rebuilt headsets from Warner Electric at a predetermined time during the year in exchange for the used Warner Electric headsets.

Headset Lease Exchange Program (Three Year Agreement):

Looking to purchase new headsets but having difficulty getting the capital budget approved for your project? Warner Electric offers an option for customers to receive factory rebuilt Warner Electric headsets at no initial purchase fee if they sign up for a 3-year headset exchange program with Warner Electric. At the end of the 3-year agreement period, the customer will own their Warner Electric headsets.

Factory Installation and On-site Support Service:

On-site service support is available for installation of new Warner headsets, rebuild support of existing Warner headsets, training, etc. An authorized Warner Electric Service Technician will provide this service. Our factory-trained service department with over 50 years combined experience can help prevent costly delays and down time of your capping operation. We provide the following services:
  • Machine audits and/or troubleshooting
  • Installation and set-up of new machinery
  • Capper overhaul service
  • Assist with planning of preventative maintenance programs
  • Conduct training sessions for your maintenance department


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